If you are on the threshold of choosing a desirable career or a career path or seeking guidance from an expert or a mentor, you would probably consider speaking to a leading career mentor or counselor. It is a modern way of analyzing your inherent talent and potential. A mentor assesses and interprets your aptitude and abilities and helps you make the right decisions in a specific industry.

Career mentoring is a formalized way of helping you choose a career based on an individual’s skills and strengths in a given field or industry –acquired or innate. There are IQ tests, aptitude tests, and lots of other aids that mentors use to understand the candidates’ preferences and give them some direction in life.

Why do you need mentoring?

People seek career mentoring at different stages of their life. Some take it as early in life when they appear for their class 10th or 12th examinations, while some go in for the same mid-career when they find themselves surrounded by confusion and doubt.

Career mentoring helps people seek precise direction and perspective in their professional life. A detailed introspection helps the candidate understand his strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes, skills that one needs to acquire to razor-sharpen their competency and proficiency level.

Every aspect of career mentoring is based on facts, on science. Tests are done, and then the results are matched with career options and requirements to help you decide the right career or profession finally.

With the right career mentoring, people do not waste much of their precious time conducting trial and error to pick and try different professions till they find the right one.

Where does astrology or Vedic science fit into all of this as the power of Vedic Science?

Astrology, no doubt, is a science – it is an ancient discipline with Indian roots. This study interprets the celestial movement of Planets, Stars, Sun, and Moon. Understanding planetary positions helps understand a person’s destiny and can play a crucial role in assisting people in choosing the right career. Astrology’s power can be leveraged not only in understanding one’s career; it also helps in seeking advice related to education, legal aspects, matrimonial alliances, business advice, and more.

How can astrology help in career mentor?

There is a famous saying in philosophy – ‘Men should take knowledge from the Sun, Moon, and Stars.’ This saying speaks volumes about astrology’s quintessence and how the Kundli can help an astrologer understand the direction that a person should take towards the right profession. Vedic astrology, therefore, plays a vital role in helping a person choose an honorable profession or area of work.

How it all works in astrology? There are 7 Planets (plus the two nodes) and 12 Zodiac signs in Vedic Science. Each of these entities stands for certain specific traits – for example, the Moon symbolizes the Mind. The Mind or your thoughts play a significant role in determining one’s actions; therefore, the Moon plays a vital role in deciding an appropriate career. On a similar note, the 10th House in the Vedic chart is another crucial factor that affects a suitable career choice.

All of this is, however, not as simple as it seems. Some several aspects and factors need to be considered. The most influential group of planets in your plays a critical role, too, and astrologers need to consider varied factors before they show a direction to the person. Some of these factors include the placement of the important planets, including the Sun and the Moon, in your Vedic Chart. It also considers prevalent Dasa, Yogas, and the influence/ownership of the concerned houses, including their lords’ position, strength, and lordship.

As is evident, this Vedic science interprets the positions and forces of different planets in your chart and accordingly carves out a way for your future profession. Astrologers who are well-read and have received proper training are the best guide.

Let Krescon Springboard your Future

Thanks to modern technology, today, Krescon combines the best of both worlds – ancient Vedic astrology and new career mentoring techniques –to offer candidates assessments by merging both methods. Called the NDP Framework©, the technique combines and blends astral science with psychometric tests and perceived interest to give the candidate an optimized direction.

So, all the psychometric tests, aptitude tests, and analysis are all done with advanced technology based on ancient Vedic astrology and contemporary psychology principles, thus helping you find the right career and life direction.

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